Commercial Box Types and Styles Available

Nowadays, there are many that supply and design for you and can also help you to decide which style or type of corrugated box suits you the best for your packaging requirements. There are more than 30 different styles available for corrugated boxes. Starting from common regular slotted containers to self-erecting boxes or from self-erecting type of boxes to retail floor displays. As per your box requirements and budget, these companies can design your corrugated box to meet your application.

Following are few different types of retail boxes available:

Regular slotted container

This is most common type of box where it has 4 closure flaps both on top and bottom. 2-small inside flaps, and 2 larger outside flaps when they are folded, then meet in middle of both top and bottom. They are made with various sized configuration and considered to be one of the best general packaging styles.

Full overlap container

This style of box is made almost in the same manner as above, however here the outer closure flaps will fully overlap on the opening while folded. This type of closure adds extra strength to flat surface and bottom surface of the box. In this way, it can reinforce the top too.

Half slotted container

This is almost like regular slotted without top flaps and also it can be created out of full overlap container too. It may also be used with any design style tray lid for the purpose of storage. Hand holds can also be added to this design.

Five panel folders

Similar to the full overlap container in closed condition, which is useful while packaging a number of items that has to be accommodated in the package prior to closing. The fifth panel works as the closure, which also increases the protection and strength.

Knock down flat tray

A counted and inserted sheet that will fold-up into a tray as the corners are protected with tape, hot melt glue or staples. It can either be used individually, or with an elective telescoping cover. Also, it can be used as elective cover for any half-slotted container.

One Piece Folder

This simple wrapper style is so designed that any flat item can easily be laid at the center, along with corresponding flaps and panels will wrap around to cover it completely. Usually, used in order to pack printed matter with many design variations, based on the application.

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