Ask These Questions Before Selecting A Packaging Company!

Finding the right packaging partner is critical for your company’s production process. You need a company that specializes in custom packaging, is accessible and available to take orders as needed, and can work around a budget. Of course, not all packaging companies are same, and it makes sense to ask a few questions. Here’s a questionnaire you can consider.

  1. How long have you been in business?

This is rather a very basic question, but matters huge for evaluating the actual experience of a company. Manufacturers and packaging services that have been around for a while and have worked with diverse clients are always worth relying, and you can count on them for expertise and understanding of market trends.

  1. Do you have warehouse services?

One of the foremost concerns for businesses seeking packaging materials is space. Most companies don’t have the space to keep large orders, although ordering in bulk always means bigger cost benefits. As such, it is necessary to find a packaging company that has storage options. You can check as an example.

  1. Do you have a team for creative needs?

If your company doesn’t have the in-house resources to manage the box design process, you need to find a packaging company that can offer assistance in this regard. Box manufacturers often have the necessary resources and a team of experienced graphic designers and experts who specialize in creative conceptualization, who can come together to help your brand.

  1. What’s the minimum order size?

Packaging materials are required as per the production cycles, and it is quite common to have fluctuating demands. As such, you need a service that can take small and large orders with equal size. The minimum order quantity for some packaging companies is as low as 100 boxes, and the same company can actually take a massive order, if need be.

  1. Which industries do you specialize in?

Designing a box for glassware items requires another level of expertise than creating custom boxes for beauty products. To be more precise, packaging is unique to every industry, and it may make sense to select a company that understands your industry and has worked in the niche for at least a few years.

Finally, do discuss the costs, and based on the design needs, you can ask for an estimate. Packaging companies are critical for your brand, so paying a tad more for better manufacturing standards is not a bad idea.

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